*Prices reflected are as of print time; prices, especially on Amazon, can change often. 

Cuisinart Mini Prep® Food Processor

A mini food processor is great for quickly blending pestos and dips or chopping vegetables and nuts. With a stainless steel base and 21-ounce capacity bowl, it’s compact and easier to operate than a standard food processor for small jobs. Use it to make Vegan Parmesan (page xx) or a variety of dips and dressings such as Garlic Horseradish Mayo (page xx), Lemony Mustard Vinaigrette (page xx) and Cilantro Chimichurri (page xx). | $34.99

Yarkor Bamboo Tofu Press

For the cook that appreciates — and has the space for — gadgets, a tofu press speeds up the process of draining tofu and is easier than using heavy pots and cans. This bamboo version has a removable strainer and easy-to-clean drip tray. | $29.77 

Zyliss Lettuce Knife

Use a plastic serrated knife to maximize freshness of your lettuce and greens. The knife is also a great option for kids in the kitchen. Read more about seasonal produce on page xx. | $4.99

JUMBL Stainless Steel Breading Set

This set comes in handy when making schnitzel or anything that requires a breading station, like the Crispy Chicken on page xx. The stainless steel set of three interlocking containers make dredging and clean up a breeze. | $39.95

AcuRite Rain Gauge and Thermometer

A rain gauge is an important tool for a home garden, as recommended by Ahuva Gottdiener (see more on page xx). It allows you to see how much precipitation plants are receiving to determine how much more water, if any, is needed for the health of the plant. This durable, weather-resistant version, which has an accompanying thermometer, is easy to read and install into the ground. | $10.82

Freezer-Safe Labels

Key to organization, the chefs behind Sol Dining (see more on page xx) recommend keeping labels on hand. This 500-piece set allows you to conveniently date and label the contents of containers. Plus, the labels peel off easily, leaving no residue. | $10.99

Round Cookie Cutter Set

These brushed tin-plated steel cutters are such a versatile tool to have in the kitchen. Whether making cookies, pie or pizza dough, decorative fruit platters, sandwiches or scallop-like shapes from fresh halibut (see page xx), this set of 11 cutters will see multiple uses. | $15