Issue No 55 - January 2024
Fleishigs Magazine

Issue No 55 - January 2024

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Issue No 55 - January 2024

Our restaurant issue is inspired by the latest and greatest trends sweeping the kosher world. 

Think the expanding dining experiences within hotels - we have previously covered Cinko, located within the Grand Hyatt in the Bahamas; The Grill, located within the Grand Hyatt PDC, Mexico; and the Ritz in San Jose del Cabo. We recently took a weekend trip to Florida to attend a show at The Altair and enjoyed their on-site restaurant Ovo.

It’s hard to believe that we exist in a time where kosher has made its way into hotels in the way it has this year. A meaningful part of this issue on a personal level is the article contributed by my son Zalman. While home for the summer, he developed some incredible veg-forward recipes. This is not only a kosher trend, rather a global one, with healthy eating and a focus on “the art of the vegetable” emerging triumphantly.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the incredible people who work tirelessly to dedicate their time in service of the kosher community. I am always in awe of the amazing growth and expansion of the kosher restaurant scene and am grateful for the hard work restaurateurs put in to create spaces where we can gather to celebrate. 


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