Issue No 34 - February 2022
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Issue No 34 - February 2022

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Issue No 34 - February 2022 (Kiddush Issue)

The foods that we serve at kiddushim have evolved over the years and it’s always fascinating to observe the changes in food trends. At the same time, some things will always remain constant. People want the classics (i.e. potato kugel, gefilte fish, and cholent), but now expect a side of something clean, fresh, and nutritious (i.e. elevated fish options like crudo and herring). 

We visited Yapchik, a popular family-friendly restaurant that specializes in catering kiddushim. While there, we got our hands on owner Berish’s life-changing cholent recipe. The Jewish holiday that most represents a kiddush feast is Purim, so it made sense to combine the two. Adina Silberman breaks down salami, which is a true kiddush favorite, Reena Goldberger, a Miami-based party planner, shares a really unique and personal Purim party menu and Sage Kitchen’s Chef Jasmine Einalhori delivers the perfect make-ahead Shabbos feast. We went back to basics with Naomi Elberg’s classic hamentashen recipe and Rosa Seidenwar shares some classic Israeli slab cakes, perfect for a crowd. We hope you draw inspiration from the pages ahead to make your celebrations memorable and meaningful. 


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