Issue No 03 - January 2019
Fleishigs Magazine

Issue No 03 - January 2019

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Growing up, dinner was always a highlight. Coming off the bus from school, we would enjoy a light snack, do homework and then prepare for dinner which we ate as soon as my father came home from work.  There was something so great and cozy about sitting together as a family ‘breaking bread’. Our fresh salad was simple. It was Israeli salad (tomatoes and cucumbers, sometimes peppers and onions) with the occasional addition of iceberg lettuce (which I encourage everyone to try, see page 20) that was either mixed with a basic lemon vinaigrette or a light mayo dressing.

There is an array of such amazing content from our Travel to Peru section, the story on Dry-Aged Meats, to the King of All Steaks. Two complimentary weeks of meal planning from Fresh Families and Prep & Rally provide some incredible inspiration for preparing and eating healthier, hassle-free dinners. From the best pareve Caesar salad dressing to the most incredible non-dairy dessert and the epic roasted eggplant and cauliflower side dish, you are going to be impressed again and again.


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