Elevate Kiddush Set & Tealight Holders | Uvtuvo Modern Judaica

Elevate Kiddush Set & Tealight Holders | Uvtuvo Modern Judaica

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The Elevate Kiddush Set | Tealight Holders is a functional work of art. The Tray appears to hover slightly above the table surface, and the Cup appears to hover within its Tray indentation, alluding to the elevation we experience on Shabbat and holidays as we lift our kiddush cups to sanctify the special day.

The cup is offset, leaving the center open, as we aim to place the Shabbat experience, rather than ourselves, at the center of our day; the mirror finish reminds us that this is a time of reflection while the satin finish of the indentation protects the Tray during use and catches minor spills.

When not in use for Kiddush, the set is designed to act as a votive or tealight holder, by placing candles in the overturned cup and in the tray indentation. 

Express your unique style by arranging the tray in any one of multiple possible orientations to create a unique look for your table. Raise your Elevate Kiddush Cup and enjoy an uplifting Shabbat and holiday experience.

*Tealight Candles Sold Separately