Issue No 33 - January 2022
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Issue No 33 - January 2022

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Issue No 33 - January 2022 (Restaurant) 


Restaurants offer so much more than just good food and we are very grateful to all the chefs and restaurant owners, entrepreneurs, and waitstaff that keep these institutions going. While the pandemic was raging, restaurants trekked on; as I was planning this issue and reflecting on this past year, I was surprised at the growth 2021 brought to the kosher restaurant industry. One such new restaurant, Sen Sakana, is dedicated to bringing Nikkei cuisine to the kosher market. 

Recognizing that many don’t have the ability to enjoy a diverse kosher restaurant scene in their hometown (or that many are still not comfortable with dining out), we share two full restaurant-style meals that you can make at home). We noticed many new, interesting trends blossoming at restaurants, such as the expansion of online ordering, chain restaurants, and the evolution of dessert menus. Beyond these trends, we also share how to pull off a successful food crawl as a new way of going out to eat, advice on how to order, and loads of delicious new recipes. The issue is overflowing with inspiration. Restaurants have become a commodity I value more than ever. I want to use this space as a way of saying “thank you” to those who work tirelessly to afford us the opportunity to dine at dynamic spaces with family and friends. May we all always have reasons to celebrate! Bitayavon

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