Issue No 31 - November 2021
Fleishigs Magazine

Issue No 31 - November 2021

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We found ourselves in Deal, NJ for an impromptu shoot. The idea was initiated by a lively conversation we had on Instagram with Jenine Shwekey and Chaya Bender while they were making kibbeh to raise money for The Special Children’s Center. Shlomo suggested merging the Syrian delicacy of kibbeh with the Ashkenaz delicacy of chopped liver). This became the theme for the Chanukah issue — a fried feast surrounding Syrian maza. Guided by Jenine, who arranged for Esther Arking, “the queen of maza,” and legendary author Poopa Dweck to show us how it's done. The experience as a whole was the true definition of what it means to work together, the power of women, and how positively powerful social media can be.


The Lubavitcher Rebbe taught us that a tiny flame can banish a roomful of darkness, both physically and spiritually. Social media does not always feel like the most positive place and can be a place where negativity festers. However, there still is so much good when utilized correctly.

I hope this message and story inspire you to focus on the positive light of the Chanukah miracle (through food, of course, but also with action). 


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