Issue No 29 - August 2021
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Issue No 29 - August 2021

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Issue No 29 - August 2021 (Rosh Hashana5782)

What we love most about Rosh Hashanah is the tangible, physical representation of spiritual, lofty concepts. Apples & honey, pomegranates, new fruits and simanim all show up in this packed issue. We’ve also begun to focus on strategic cooking - making something once, but finding ways to use it multiple times and in various ways.

We’ve got a fresh new take on simanim, Mozelle Goldstein shares a Syrian twist on the tradition. Many Jews of Sephardic descent enjoy an appetizer course of various foods that symbolize blessings for the year ahead. For a more modern, upscale Rosh Hashanah feast, Adina Schlass shares her chef-inspired cooking tips and recipes to inspire our cooking for the holiday and the year ahead. We showcase seasonal produce that we are taking full advantage of while it lasts, and you should too.

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