Issue No 28 - July 2021
Fleishigs Magazine

Issue No 28 - July 2021

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During the summer of COVID many restaurants started to do multi-community deliveries. This was a fun way for new communities to be exposed to food they may not have tried otherwise. One summer evening, we ordered from Ganey Orly, and, wow did we enjoy the plov, bash, unique bread, tangy carrot salad, and various skewers. It sparked our interest in Bucharian food and culture and inspired this month's Shabbat feast by Bucharian businesswoman Chagit Leviev.

When globetrotter Noa Levy shared her experience traveling to Indonesia, we were intrigued by Indonesian cuisine and developed summer recipes inspired by the flavors and ingredients of this Southeast Asian archipelago. We also got some really awesome challah inspiration from creative genius Mandy Silverman, who created a grilled challah recipe that blew our minds.

The wave of the future is undoubtedly vegetable-focused diets, with an explosion of vegetable-focused cooking, cookbooks, and recipes. We share grill expert Steven Raichlen’s latest book How to Grill Vegetables, as well as The Chef’s Garden by Farmer Lee Jones, and the unlikely friendship of a farmer from Ohio and a Chassidic Jew from Brooklyn.

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