Issue No 18 - July/Summer 2020
Fleishigs Magazine

Issue No 18 - July/Summer 2020

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Fresh Ideas for Summer!

One seasonal trend that made it into this issue was reworking menus with produce as the main component. Think smoked beets, whole grilled eggplant, and steak salad. Chef Hudi Riven shared some really fun twists on corn — arguably one of our favorite summer ingredients. Next, we hit the grill with breakfast-themed feasts inspired by Israel and South Africa. 

For the travel feature, we take you to France where you can “Eat Like a Parisian” in the comfort of your own home. Then it’s down to Florida for some Krudo, a boutique fish shop and casual takeout restaurant in North Miami Beach that shares some of their awesome fish recipes.

Another story that we have been excited to share since we started working on it in the fall was the behind-the-scenes look into the making of Danielle Renov’s new Cookbook. Danielle joined us as guest editor to amp up this already-packed issue with recipes from her book, as well as a full feature on Moroccan pantry basics and a surprising tagine recipe that highlighted elevating humble ingredients to new heights.


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