Issue No 14 - January 2020
Fleishigs Magazine

Issue No 14 - January 2020

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The  “New Jewish Deli” food crawl!

Chef Isaac Bernstein led us through Brooklyn with a solid crew, including cookbook author and blogger Chanie Apfelbaum, Chef Yehuda Sichel of Abe Fisher in Philadelphia, and event coordinator Heshy Jay of Scoop & Company (@Scooplifestyle). Yehuda offers his take on cholent in the form of a pot pie, which will blow your mind. Plus, we have some updated deli classics from Chef Erick VargasBromberg of Gruit in Brooklyn. 

Beyond leading the crawl, Chef Isaac joins us this month as guest editor; teaming up with Chef Berish Rapaport of Yapchik in Lakewood, NJ to showcase their versions of the same dishes like brisket, sweetbreads and deli roll, done in classic and modern preparations

Our travel feature takes you to Antwerp, Belgium, where we feature one of the world’s most iconic deli-style restaurants, Hoffy’s, a family-run kosher business that serves the best in old-world Jewish cuisine. 

This is what Jewish food is all about. Love. Family. Memories. Resilience.


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